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  • Course
    Target Group
    Objectives & Result
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps
    3 days
    College Students
    To sensitise the students towards the charms of being entrepreneur & orient them towards entrepreneurship & self employment
  • School specific camps
    1 week
    School students
    To develop overall personality of students & make them entrepreneurial in all their endeavours
  • Orientation visits of students to the institutes
    1 day
    School & college students(Including magt &engg)
    To orient students towards the charms of becoming an Entrepreneur & motivate them to become self employed
  • Entrepreneurship & Vocational Training programme
    1 month
    Unemployed youth
    To motivate Unemployed youths by imparting enrepreneurial competancies & help them develop skills in specific areas for initiating their own enterprises
  • Entrepreneurship Development
    4 weeks
    Potential Entrepreneurs
    To foster entrepreneurship in the Districts through ED model
  • Technology based Entrepreneurship Development programme
    6 weeks
    Potential Entrepreneurs
    To encourage and motivate potential entrepreneurs to set up technology based new units.
  • Entrepreneurship Development programme in food processing sector
    6 weeks
    Potential Entrepreneurs
    To train potential entrepreneurs in the food processing sector
  • Training programme for developing Agri Business
    2 weeks
    Agri producers
    To spread entrepreneurial spirit among farm producers and develop agri entrepreneurship in the producers
  • Performance Imprvement programme
    1 weeks
    Existing Entrepreneurs
    To develop entrepreneurial competancies among existing entrepreneurs & help them to get an insight in to the strength & weeknesses of their venture & then plan systamatically to take their units on top position
  • Training on Intrapreneurship
    5 days
    Corporate Employees
    To develop entrepreneurial traits among corporate employees to effectively enhance individual performance in todays dynamic environment.The critical aspect of knowledge,skills & attitude are developed among participating professionals
  • Training of Trainers
    6 weeks
    Professional engaged in small business
    To develop a resource pool of trainers to facilitate new enerprise creation assist existing entrepreneurs in taking their business to greater heights & develop industrial/artisanal clusters
  • Business Identification process
    1 month
    Potential/existing entrepreneurs
    The exercise will lead to listing out viable business opportunities relavant to local conditions followed by preparation ofatleast 50project profiles
  • Women Entrepreneurship Development programme
    4 weeks
    Potential entrepreneurs
    To equip women participants with requisite skills and knowledge on various aspects of business decision making process.Also aims at bringing about necessary behavioral changes in them for initiating planning & implementing entrepreneurial activities
  • Management Development programmes
    1 week
    Women Executives
    To equip women managers/executives with intrapreneurial traits & provide them techno/manageria knowledge & skills enabling them to handle higher responsibilities in their respective organisation.
  • Training programme on financial management for women entrepreneurs
    1 week
    Women Entrepreneurs
    To enhance effectively in proficiency in financial management among women entrepreneurs thus enabling them to function effecively in their business transaction
  • Faculty Development prog
    2 week
    Teachers of universities of Engg & mgt colleges
    To develop skills in teachers of higher education towards teaching the subject entrepreneurship effectively.